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CPAC, The Affordable Care Act, Bossy, and Bosses. What we’ve been reading and watching this week.

March 14, 2014

RH Reality Check did a great job covering womenreproductive rights, abortion, the war on women, and the politicians who want to make our reproductive health care decisions for us at CPAC (The Conservative Political Action Conference that ran March 6 – 10).  Far and away, my favorite was Emily Crockett’s look at the CPAC hook up culture.

How many women are benefitting from the Affordable Care Act? Lots.  And, thanks to Obamacare, uninsured rate has dropped.

In this hilarious episode of Zach Galifianakis’ intentionally awkward show Between Two Ferns, the comedian interviews President Barack Obama, hitting on the important issues of same-sex marriage, health-care coverage, and the website.

In a dramatic town council meeting, efforts to place stricter conditions on abortion clinics was defeated in Manassas, Virginia

Melissa Harris Perry discusses the politics, jobs, and motherhood in the US.


Thought Catalog interviews an abortion provider about what her job is like and why she does it.

The last abortion clinic in Rio Grande Valley has closed: We Won’t Forget.

A Pennsylvaina mother could go to jail for helping her daughter have an abortion—the consequences of having increasingly restrictive abortion rights in the US

New York City has new Trans-Inclusive Student Policies

Ban “Bossy”—encourage girls to lead.

The Daily Show’s Samantha Bee discovers that Medicare benefits include federally funded Penis Pumps! Where is the congressional debate about that?! Apparently only certain forms of sexual health care are unnecessary (aka, women’s sexual health care)

Study shows that free birth control does not cause promiscuity…well, we could have told you that.  And, the same goes for no-co-pay bc too.  Remember, no co-pay birth control is not “free”—it is included in the premium paid for the insurance coverage.

Here’s the bottom line: Health care decisions belong to us, not our bosses. On March 25th Planned Parenthood and its allies will be gathering at the Supreme Court to stand strong in support of women’s access to affordable birth control—and against the bosses who think they have a right to interfere in their employees’ personal decisions. You can be there…add your name to the banner.

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