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In Like a Lion…

March 7, 2014

This week March (Women’s History Month) came roaring in with the Academy Awards, and some big political announcements here in New York. Here’s what we were reading (and doing) this week:

Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett used her acceptance speech to send a message about gender equality.

State Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) and Assembly member Ellen Jaffee (D-Suffern) introduced the “Boss Bill,” to protect New Yorkers from increased efforts by politicians and corporations to use religious objections to discriminate against and deny health care to large numbers of Americans.

In three weeks, SCOTUS will hear oral arguments in the Hobby Lobby case (a challenge to the birth control benefit, brought forward by the boss at a for-profit corporation who wants to impose his personal beliefs on employees.) At PPHPActivist, we are tweeting about what good bosses do (and don’t) #GoodBossesDont.  For sure, they don’t control women’s sex lives

Arizona pushes bill that would allow surprise inspections of abortion clinics

Birth justice and abortion access come together in this awesome clinic in Buffalo, New York.

It’s time to rethink Black History Month—lost acknowledgement of Black women and the current concerns of all Black Americans

“I, Too, Am Harvard”—a group of black students at Harvard are speaking out against the racism they experience in a photo project on Tumblr.

Upskirt Pics are totally legal in Massachusetts … at least this week.  The state legislature is already working to change that.

Jared Leto wins Oscar for his role as a transgender woman…and doesn’t mention trans people in his acceptance speech.

Saturday is International Women’s Day.  In preparation for setting new global development goals, the United Nations has put a call out to people around the world asking us to define the “World We Want” by completing an online survey and using the hashtag #WorldWeWant on social media. Follow us at PPHPActivist where we’ll be tweeting about #WorldWeWant throughout the day tomorrow.

In case you missed it:  Planned Parenthood Action Fund has launched it Women Are Watching 2014.  The big thing we are watching here in New York… #NoAstorino We are watching because our rights aren’t negotiable and our health care isn’t a political bargaining chip. We are fighting back. And we will win. Join us here, in Texas, and everywhere that politician’s are attacking women’s health


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