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If You Aren’t Scared, You Aren’t Paying Attention… stories we are following this week

December 13, 2013

UPDATE: Michigan Approves “Rape Insurance” Bill, even after Lawmaker Gretchen Whitmer reveals, during Senate debate on the bill, that she is a rape survivor.

Andrea Grimes lays out the very scary evidence proving that Texas’ anti-women’s health policies are hurting women.

Pennsylvania introduces a “comprehensive collection of bills based on what women want in regard to their own health”— the Pennsylvania Agenda for Women’s Health

40% of women have NO COPAY on their birth control thanks to the ACA’s birth control benefit—that’s a big jump from 15% in just one year!

 Obamacare Enrollment SURGED in November—view the Obamacare super-map to see how each county in America fares when it comes to health insurance coverage and costs under Obamacare.

Malala is not the only young female activist fighting to change her country.  Read about The Other Malalas.

Interested in how NYC advocates stopped Stop-and-Frisk?  Check out this interview with officer Adhyl Polanco, a young police officer in the South Bronx, whose secret recordings of repeated instructions to complete a required amount of summonses and arrests (whether or not they were reasonable) were used as evidence against Stop-and Frisk—and how it feels to be considered a Whistleblower.

Body image.  Have you seen this?  Well, check out this: Verily Magazine never uses Photoshop—showing that women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and, we’re all beautiful.

GM hires its first female CEO Mary Barra: she will be the first female leader for any major American auto company.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s military sexual assault proposal has been dropped.

The NYC-based Gender And Family Project presented its first annual benefit on December 2nd in an effort to celebrate the beauty and resilience of gender nonconforming youth and their families at “Night Of 1000 Genders

“Please introduce yourself and say your preferred pronoun”—how non-binary and genderqueer folk are gaining linguistic recognition at U.S. colleges.

Feminism and revolution in The Hunger Games – it starts with Katniss, but it’s also about Peeta and the system.  

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  1. December 13, 2013 5:30 pm

    I’m not scared, and I do pay attention. i choose not to be, because fear’s a crappy motivator, leading to poor decisions. Note how many of these crazy laws, and the opposition to sane approaches, come from fear-based thinking.

    “We must do this or the women, teenagers, liberals etc. will control and enslave us. We must do it to them, or we will never get back the 50s America of our dreams. DON’T YOU TELL ME IT NEVER EXISTED! Yoooo socialist.”

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