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What’s Up This Week!

November 15, 2013

If you haven’t seen it yet, New York Magazine this week included 26 real-life stories from women who have had abortions.  One of the women says, “I had no idea that the average abortion patient is all of us.”

You may have already heard yesterday’s big news: over 100,000 people have enrolled in new health insurance plans via  Not a wonderful number, given the approximately 40 million uninsured Americans.  On the other hand, nearly 400,000 Americans were deemed eligible for Medicaid via and state marketplaces – so in essence, even with all the problems, the Affordable Care Act has already given nearly a half million Americans health insurance who never had it before.

Please keep in mind: New York’s health marketplace is operating on its own, and has not run into the same volume of troubles the national marketplace has run into.  In fact, here in New York, enrollment is meeting expectations.  

(No) Condom Culture: Why Teens Aren’t Practicing Safe Sex – hint, perhaps education has something to do with it.

ICYMI: Women’s Health: A Winning Issue – in Virginia and everywhere!

Have you seen Planned Parenthood’s new tools for teens? Check them out!

You know we’re not done fighting for the Women’s Equality Act – so please watch and share this great new video, Illegal or just sleazy?

It’s time to fight for proactive legislation nationally, not just in New York: because your rights shouldn’t depend on your zip code.  Finally!  So, go sign the petition to get your Congressmembers to support the new bill.

And did you hear?  The Campaign created a Thank You Birth Control day!  How cool!

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