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News this week

October 4, 2013

Wow, this week!

The government shut down – was it because of a “war on women”?   And here’s the best (funniest) explanation yet for exactly how it happened.  (h/t feministing)

Obamacare is up and running!  We’re excited.  You can check out to express your support or go to if you (or someone you know) need some health coverage.

One former Congressmember reflects on whether voting for the Affordable Care Act, which ultimately cost him the 2010 election, was worth it.  (Hint: his answer is yes!)

5 Obamacare wins for Women (in .gifs!)

Locally, Noam Bramson stood up for Westchester women and families in a debate with Rob Astorino for the Westchester County Executive seat (in NY).  Don’t forget: the PPHP Action Fund rates Noam Bramson 100%, and Rob Astorino 0%!

Oh yeah – Tell the House of Representatives: Stop Playing Politics with Women’s Health

And! Wendy Davis is running for Governor!

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