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7 news items to read/watch from this week

September 20, 2013

1. Teen births hit historic low – the lowest rate since 1940!  (Still the highest among industrialized nations, though.)  How?  A combo of less sex & more contraception – I love it when people make responsible decisions.

2. Pope Francis says what many of us have been thinking all along: The Catholic Church needs to focus a little less on marriage equality, abortion, and contraception, and a little more on being a welcoming place.

3. The new anti-obamacare ad is the “height of hypocrisy”.  Maddow has more (video) – and clearly connects these laws to rich people, who actively spend money on making abortion inaccessible, asking young adults to promise not to buy health insurance.

4. Many Americans are confused about the new healthcare law (also called Obamacare).  So, educate yourself (you can also see that same site in Spanish).  If you need health insurance and you live in New York, check out NY State of Health – new, more affordable health insurance plans will be available through this website starting Oct. 1 (coverage begins Jan. 1).

5. If you already know Obamacare works, then sign our pledge stating that – and we’ll let legislators know that you support Obamacare, so maybe they should stop playing games with the national budget over it.

6. Republicans passed a bill on Thursday that would drastically cut federal food stamps.

7. In related news, Stony Brook University joined 60 universities nationwide that now operate food pantries on campus to provide food to students, as well as faculty and staff.

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