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News & An Action to Take NOW

August 16, 2013

Action: If you’re a regular reader, you know that abortion providers are being regulated out of existence.  Usually this happens through state legislation (Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin), but West Virginia’s Attorney General is pushing regulations from his office to close abortion clinics in the state.  West Virginia has just two abortion clinics in the whole state, and both are regulated just as all medical clinics are in WV.  Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is determined to close them down.  You can submit a comment to tell him it’s not right to make safe, legal abortion inaccessible to the people of his state.  The catch is: public comments must be submitted TODAY (Friday, Aug. 16).  So click now!

Want to know how the new health care law, also called Obamacare, helps women?  And everyone else too?  Check it out here and here!

WaPo had a great article earlier this week examining how Republican legislatures are more extreme than Republican Governors (well, ok, sometimes), and maybe the Governors are being pushed to sign into law changes to things they’d rather not change.  Like Pat McCrory in North Carolina, who felt obligated to sign the bills sent to him in recent weeks that restrict access to abortion and also restrict access to voting – yes, voting, the hallmark of democracy – even though neither issue was a priority for him.

While we’re on the subject of Republicans, lest you think that they will all go along with the most conservative of their followers, here’s a list of Republicans in Virginia who do not support Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli for Governor.

This piece at RH Reality Check, that touches on both the Women’s Equality Act and a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision, had me looking more deeply into sexual rights and human trafficking.  Here’s an overview of current NY laws against human trafficking, for those of you into policy analysis or who just like to read laws.

Here’s a great piece we shared on Facebook this week about how support for families is inherent to fighting for reproductive rights (and reproductive justice).

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