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August 2, 2013

If you live in NY & have received a mail piece saying the NYS Senate passed a “women’s equality act” … they didn’t.

Check out this footnoted version of Senator Dean Skelos’s remarks.

We incorrectly reported two weeks ago that the bill to legalize abortion in some cases in Ireland had died.  It did not.  It’s now law!

There’s a new study that found that while over half of Americans believe abortion should remain safe and legal, there’s also a widening regional divide on the issue.  One of the anti states – Texas – is getting creative with its restrictions: they’re considering a law that would require most women to take a 3-hour online adoption course before they can legally have an abortion.  Really, Rick Perry?

The Village Voice asks what it takes to shut down crisis pregnancy centers – I’ve been wondering that myself.

For the philosophically minded: Frances Kissling and David Gushee on abortion, from the NPR show On Being.  Frances Kissling was a longtime leader at Catholics for Choice, and basically represents people who believe abortion should remain safe and legal; David Gushee is an evangelical who believes abortion should be illegal.  Frankly, it’s a bit depressing, but, it’s very interesting.  I did not find it surprising that Mr. Gushee avoided Ms. Kissling’s question about sexuality.

Will his ridiculous stance on abortion cause Ken Cucinelli to lose his campaign to be governor of Virginia?  I sure hope so!  Keep Ken Out.

Another must-read article by the one and only Jessica Valenti: in this one she takes on 20-week bans and relates them to both her own pregnancy experience and the many legal delays and restrictions already in place.  Because they’re germane.

Marriage equality laws went into effect yesterday in Minnesota and Rhode Island!

If you are a state legislator, you’ve likely heard us say – many times – that every dollar invested in family planning saves nearly $4 in the same budget year.  Well, a new study shows that every dollar spent by the government to fund contraceptives saves $5.68.  Yes, nearly $6.

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