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Lots of news to share this week!

July 5, 2013

The activist who once organized V-Day in me absolutely LOVES this piece. As the author, dancer Toni Bentley, says, “Why keep advertising the family room when the boudoir is just up the hall?”

Another great quote, from the NYT Editorial Board: Apparently, when confronted with bullying and misinformation, a bunch of professional tough guys are nothing but pushovers.

About Texas, first, Planned Parenthood and like-minded coalition organizations turned out over 5,000 people to protest the start of their second special legislative session to restrict abortion.  Second, Salon editor Joan Walsh takes on political pundits in a call for women in red states to join forces electing women who support women – like Wendy Davis.

Using social media to teach sex ed to high-risk groups – awesome!

This item surprised me, but I’m not sure why – after all, unintended pregnancy rates are high all across the U.S.  Apparently, that’s also true in the U.S. Navy.

The Women’s Equality Act here in New York would have created a proactive requirement for employers to accommodate pregnant workers.  In California, there’s a lawsuit charging Albertsons Grocery Store is responsible for the death of a newborn – because they denied requests for accommodations for a pregnant worker.

Good overseas news, too, to share.  Apparently France is considering a new gender equity law that would, among other things, require men to take paternity leave.  That item sounds good to me!  In Ireland, the government is taking steps to make sure that a case like Savita’s never happens again.


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