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What We’ve Been Reading & Watching

June 14, 2013

What a week!  Great news on emergency contraception and lots of grassroots work on the Women’s Equality Act.  Let’s dive in…

Here’s what it looks like when politicians try to regulate medicine.

The latest news on what kind of emergency contraception actually gets placed over the counter in drug stores nationwide has me grinning – I think this judge is someone I like!

Read about the groundbreaking new study on women who are turned away from abortion providers and become parents as a result.

Watch Cecile Richards on Rachel Maddow, talking about the shenanigans in Congress – hint, the U.S. House is considering an abortion ban.

The NY Women’s Equality Coalition is rallying all over the place this week… Tuesday in Babylon, today in the Bronx, and tomorrow in Lynbrook.  (Join us if you can!)

The NY Times tells all Senators to stop stalling and have a vote on the full Women’s Equality Act.

Won’t you send our email to Senators Klein and Skelos?  You can email your own state legislators here – but these leaders of the NYS Senate need to hear from every New Yorker!

Let us know what you’ve been reading & watching this week, or, tell us what actions you’ve taken for the Women’s Equality Act.

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