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May 2, 2013

Bro-Choice: Pledging to be part of the solution

ChoiceUSA recently introduced the term bro-choice into the lexicon. The bro-choice movement aims to get men to “move beyond a place of complacency and paternalism, and arrive at an understanding of their own self-interest in fighting for sexual and reproductive justice,” among other things. The idea is that men are overwhelmingly pro-choice and they understand the connections between these issues, but feel reluctant to get involved. They explain, “It’s clear that we can no longer afford to accept passive male allies. We need men to be vocal stakeholders in the fight against sexual violence and reproductive oppression.”

Personally, I wince at the word “bro.” I heard about bro-choice, and I didn’t want to be onboard. Does this movement really need to be masculinized in order for young men to get fired up about it? Are people who identify as “bros” really the people we want in this movement?

But maybe there’s more to it. Any campaign that aims to get men to give a hoot about reproductive justice can’t be all bad, can it? We’ve been trying to get these issues out of the styles section for a while. I hate seeing “women’s issues” sequestered on “HuffPost Women” and “Slate XX” when we know that these issues affect everyone – and nobody ever calls serious news “mens’ news.” And who am I to block certain people from this movement just because of their backwards hats and cheap beer?

If “bro-choice” can encourage young, progressive men to come out of the woodwork and start doing the legwork for reproductive justice, you won’t see me standing in the way. Bring it on, bros. We need all the help we can get.

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