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March 29, 2013

Wow, lots of news this week.

On the local front, it’s worth noting that NYS Assemblymember Steve Katz, who introduced a bill to defund Planned Parenthood (you know, back when this first became all the rage in good ol’ 2011), is currently under investigation.  There’s an ongoing criminal case and there will soon be an ethics investigation.  Why?  Illegal possession of marijuana. (On a session day.)

Earlier this week, we celebrated the 41st anniversary of legal contraception for single people.  Take action to make sure we maintain access.

On “man pregnancy” and how we can be more inclusive.

WashPo’s map on abortion access.  Take action to stand up against North Dakota’s several new laws, just this week, limiting access to abortion.  In case you missed it, they enacted a six-week abortion ban – see Cecile Richards talk about it.  Read about the only clinic left in the state.

Some people think that these extreme bans are what losing looks like – tell us what you think in comments.

Oh! And there’s a lot going on Virginia, too – rallying against new restrictions on abortion providers and the current governor is looking to implement additional restrictions on women’s access to abortion.

And of course, we have to include something about marriage equality!  The Supreme Court may not issue a ruling until June, but we’re celebrating already.

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