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The bad and the good: What We’ve Been Reading & Sharing

February 22, 2013


First, let’s cover the two things that this week first shocked me, and then made me wonder why anything shocks me anymore:

Vaginal probes aren’t intrusive, because after all, I got pregnant vaginally. Or in other words, helLO Slut Shaming!

And, the Violence Against Women Act wouldn’t really be needed, if only women would just learn to take it like a man….

(Ok, so I’m paraphrasing.  Read the quote right there next to these words!)

Now for the good news:

NYS Senator Andrea Stewart-Cousins and M. Tracey Brooks of Family Planning Advocates of NY set the record straight about the Reproductive Health Act.  And, the Journal News editorial board supports the bill.

Also here in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo bucks the tide of bad legislation for women and families, with the Women’s Equality Act’s provision to ensure a woman can make her own reproductive health decisions.

HUGE news in Massachusetts: trans students will now be able to use the bathrooms and join the sports teams of their preferred gender.

Make health care affordable, and see tremendous population changes happen: in Rwanda.

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