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Pink Loves Consent – And so do I.

December 5, 2012

I confess: I was so excited about the PinkLovesConsent campaign when I thought it truly came from Victoria’s Secret.  After some savvy friends of mine liked it on Facebook, I checked it out and found myself wondering what kind of corporate shift had happened at Victoria’s Secret to make such an important change in their product line and how they talk about their own products, including products that can still be found in stores.  Typically, corporations don’t publicly announce, with no legal action, that perhaps they’ve contributed to something bad – like phrases that say “unwrap me” on panties contributing to a culture that supports and enables rape and sexual assault, as opposed to respect and equality and open communication and consent.

So I looked into it just a bit more, and of course – it’s not Victoria’s Secret.

It’s something much, much cooler.

Hannah Brancato and Rebecca Nagle are curators of an artistic intervention into this rape culture we live in, called FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture.  And I think they’re my new (s)heroes.

Within a few days, they managed to achieve linking #victoriassecret and #pinklovesconsent on Twitter.  Just before the big Victoria’s Secret fashion show.  That, like, half of America watches.  So, when the people who watch it who use Twitter start looking at VS trends… they see “pinklovesconsent”, maybe google it, see the website and all the great info they have there… Perhaps a revolution is born.

The website is great: it’s all about open communication and healthy sexual relationships.  It’s a lot like the kind of things Planned Parenthood educators say, when they do workshops about safer sex and healthy relationships.  Sex isn’t safe unless you’ve obtained consent for it, although other things are required too – like condoms.  Even for oral.  Just like the pinklovesconsent website says.  And,

“Good sex is about good communication.” –

I can’t help but wonder if anyone’s walking into a VS store right now asking for the Pink panties that say “respect” or “no means no.”  This Tumblr has so many younger women asking for them.

If you think this is cool, go like the heartconsent Facebook page.  And remember to ask for consent each and every time.

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