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Nan Hayworth Tells Lies.

October 23, 2012

You’ve heard us talk about Representative Nan Hayworth, right?

I started working here 4 months ago, and I didn’t really get what all the fuss was about. How bad can she be? I mean, she’s a doctor, she says she’s “pro-choice,” and uh, how do I put this, she’s a lady. I tend to like those lady-politicians. They tend to understand reproductive rights. Or so we hope.

And that’s exactly what Rep. Hayworth wants. She wants us to think she’s a social moderate. She wants to us to think she “gets it.” At the LoHud debate on 10/18/12, the moderators asked a question from PPHP (You can even hear them say my name!) about taxpayer funding for PP and Title X Family Planning funding. Nan’s answer sounds OK – she says she is against overturning Roe V. Wade, and she says she is “not intending in any way to close Planned Parenthood.” She says she’s a champion for her district’s community health centers, and she has “sat down” with Planned Parenthood in the past.

Of course, mixed into those warm, fuzzy soundbites was the convoluted part about not supporting taxpayer funding for abortion (Hello, Hyde amendment! I almost forgot about you there since you’ve been around for so long) and quietly alluding to the absurd idea that Planned Parenthood doesn’t follow federal laws surrounding taxpayer funding.

Sean Maloney responds to her and says “What the Congresswoman means is that she will defund Planned Parenthood” and you can see Rep. Hayworth shake her head. She wants her constituents to think she’s a friend to us; she would never vote to defund Planned Parenthood!

Of course, SHE DID. She literally voted to defund Planned Parenthood. Did she forget? Who is she kidding? She also voted against health-care funding for low-income women and families. She even voted for a bill that would have allowed hospitals to deny women lifesaving medical care if it meant ending a pregnancy. In fact, she voted against women’s health care 71% of the time. Oh, and the part about “sitting down” with Planned Parenthood and being an “advocate” and a “champion” for community health centers? She has never set foot in a PPHP health center. Not once, as a candidate or congresswoman. Watching her shake her head when Sean Maloney calls her out makes my blood boil.

Romnesia is spreading, and Nan’s got a bad case. We can’t let her spread these lies anymore.

  • You can watch the debate here. The questions about Planned Parenthood start around 38:28.
  • Here is our press release about her misleading statements.
  • Here is our voter guide where you can see more about Nan’s voting record, as well as how all the other candidates stack up.

And lastly, come out with us to Stand with Sean Maloney on Saturday November 3rd, as we canvass voters so they know the truth about Rep. Hayworth. RSVP here.

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