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A Big Week! What We’ve Been Reading

August 3, 2012

  • August 1st was a BIG DAY! New healthcare benefits went into affect including birth control coverage without a co-pay! Here’s a handy guide on how to find out when your Affordable Care Act benefits go into effect, and here’s some more info about the brands covered under the ACA (hint: call your insurer).
  • On the other hand, Here’s a Republican congressman comparing birth control coverage to Pearl Harbor and 9/11. You know, because affordable preventive care is an attack on our religious freedom tantamount to the destruction of the World Trade Center (Even though most religious Americans support contraception, but you already knew that). Meanwhile, remember when Wheaton College said they would refuse to cover BC? Well, turns out they were already paying for it before Obamacare passed.
  • “As a country, we need to ditch the tired stereotypes that young people are passive and disillusioned.” – Andrew Jenkins for RHRealityCheck, Unlocking the Youth Vote
  • “At a time when abortion rights and women’s access to affordable contraception are threatened by political attacks, judges in three newly decided federal cases failed to preserve constitutional protections for women.”NYT Editorial
  • “Because [fetal-pain] laws are scientifically and legally ill-founded, federal courts should strike them down.” – Glenn Cohen, The flawed Basis Behind Fetal-pain Abortion Laws

Happy Friday! Check out this cute Guttamcher video about the benefits of contraception:

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