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Vagina, Vagina, Vagina: What We’ve Been Reading

June 22, 2012

Reuters reports on a new study by the CDC that shows how birth control leads to fewer pregnancies and abortions for young women. Are you surprised? ThinkProgress has more.

“Abortion remains—more than ever, in fact—the biggest and clearest difference between Republicans and Democrats” –The New Yorker

Anne-Marie Slaughter asks “Can Women Have It All?” in The Atlantic this month, while Rebecca Traister thinks that isn’t the right question. And Jessica Valenti’s stock photos of “Sad White Babies With Mean Feminist Mommies” declare NO, you can NOT have it all.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Chloë Cooney writes at RHRealityCheck about why we should openly condemn China’s one-child policy.

Our friends at Catholics for Choice are calling out the bishops’ “Fortnight for Freedom” campaign for what it really is: A Fortnight for Discrimination. Voices for real religious freedom are taking on this campaign everywhere we turn. There is the Rev. Harry Knox (who takes over as the new head of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice in July) on RHRealityCheck explaining why, when it comes to birth control, The Government Is Right and the Bishops Are Wrong. And over at the Washington Post, Laura Murphy points out that the Catholic Church Doesn’t Own Religious Liberty.

Some people complained when Laura Bush received the Alice Award this year; but WaPo complicates the idea of “helping women” in this op-ed.

For your feel-good video of the day, The Obama Administration rolled out this awesome initiative about intimate partner violence: 1 is 2 Many. Gotta love seeing men speak out about these issues.

Lastly, A picture (or in this case, a cartoon) is worth all of the thousands of words we’ve read about saying “vagina” in Michigan (via RHRealityCheck, h/t Betty Defazio):

PS: Hi, I’m Sammy! Check out my intro blog from yesterday if you missed it.

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