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What We’ve Been Reading and Watching

April 26, 2012

Read about the states who are considering legislation to expand access to abortion.

How one woman decided to fight back – and help other women – against the new ultrasound laws in Texas. 

Remember a year ago when the federal government almost shut down over funding Planned Parenthood’s preventive health services?  Remember how it was all linked to a secret hoax campaign that targeted our confidential, nonjudgmental health services?  Sadly, anti-choice forces are at it again.

Did you read Susan Heath’s No One Called Me A Slut? You should read this, too, which can be summed up with the cry: Remember Rosie Jimenez.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission finally recognizes that employment discrimination against people who identify as transgender is illegal.

Looking for a social justice action this weekend? Join the Workers’ March in Brentwood on Sunday or take a trip to NYC for the Unite Against the War on Women March on Saturday.

And for your Friday funny… Thank you, Stephen Colbert, for explaining the slippery slope of the things that lead to things that lead to sex.

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