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What We’ve Been Reading & Watching

April 6, 2012

Read this: Ignoring Domestic Terrorism in Wisconsin.

Men Who Trust Women – Read all about it.

Retiring Senator Olympia Snowe on “retro” birth control debates.

The NYT examines the latest iteration of the “culture war” around women’s bodies – and how it typically breaks not along gender lines but political party lines.  (Sidenote: I find it very depressing that EMILY’s List’s record number of endorsements for women running for U.S. Senate is 11.)

We ❤ Republican pro-choice female legislators!  Especially in the NYS Assembly.  Thanks for being a co-sponsor of the Reproductive Health Act, Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward!

March was Women’s History Month, and artist Heather Ault has done a fantastic job of cataloguing abortion in ancient history.  Seriously, check out 4,000 Years for Choice and learn more than you ever dreamed existed about the history of abortion and birth control across the world.

Now this is an awesome use of technology: tracking sexual violence in Syria, so that future war crimes prosecution will have evidence to build a case on.   

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley thinks women don’t care about contraception – and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus thinks the war on women is like a war on caterpillars.  You’ve got to see and read this stuff to believe it.

And for your video goodie today: We Love Obamacare!


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