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What We’ve Been Reading and Watching

March 30, 2012

Plan B: The latest science proves FDA insert – and anti-choice activists – wrong.  And, it could have enormous implications for how we fight against so-called “personhood” attempts.

And BTW, EC = BC.  Never forget to back up your birth control!  Emergencies happen, so get some emergency contraception.  If you don’t think it will, check out this story about The Day the Condom Broke.

Lila Rose, anti-choice darling, asserts that the Affordable Care Act is “this generation’s Roe v Wade.”  Except… no, no it’s not.  This article is a fascinating and scary look at how “you can never satisfy the anti-choice movement.”

A landlord in Maryland turns the tables on anti-abortion protesters. 

Representative Gwen Moore on the Violence Against Women Act.  Representative Moore is so brave to share her personal stories with her apparently unfeeling colleagues – as evidenced by the political games they’re playing with this important law.

President Obama this week recorded a special message to Planned Parenthood supporters.  You can thank the President for standing strong for women’s health and for Planned Parenthood.

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