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What We’ve Been Reading & Watching: Happy Birthday Edition

March 29, 2012

Apoloigies for posting this a week late!

Happy 40th Birthday to Eisenstadt v BairdSingles’ Right to Birth Control

And Happy Second Birthday to the Affordable Care Act!  The Affordable Care Act, responsible for 20 million women’s free preventive care visits since 2010 (and counting…).

Think Progress has a great infographic about all the good things that have gone into effect thanks to the Affordable Care Act.  And here’s a great fact sheet from the Department of Health and Human Services about what the ACA means for women (straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak).  They’ve also launched MyCare, a place where Americans benefiting from the ACA can upload their own personal stories about how the new law has helped them. 

A few additional things we’ve loved this week:

First, if you’re a doctor looking to get around a mandatory ultrasound law in your state – or if you’re just wondering where the physician outrage is over forced ultrasounds – read this

Second, did you hear that Senator John McCain has a new view of contraception?  It’s a far cry from this (my favorite moment is right around :50 – and then there’s a long silence).

And last but not least, New York made the top ten states in the nation for women!  Clearly, with a score of 7.7 out of 10, we can still do better, especially in our state government – so if you’re a woman planning to run, let us know.

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