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7 in 10

March 15, 2012

This week the Catholic Conference was in Albany lobbying hard against the Reproductive Health Act, a bill that will guarantee every woman’s right to make personal, private healthcare decisions on her own, especially when her health is at stake.

This bill is important.  For the first time, it will guarantee every woman’s right to access contraception and decide whether and when to become a mother; it will make sure a woman can make these intensely private decisions even when her health is endangered; and finally, it will make sure that abortion is regulated in the public health code, just like other medical procedures, and not the criminal code.

For years, we’ve counted Governor Andrew Cuomo among our Planned Parenthood supporters.  But every elected official faces pressure from various groups, and this week the Catholic Conference spread myths about  the Reproductive Health Act when they visited Albany.  

New Yorkers know what we want: 7 out of 10 New Yorkers want to see the Reproductive Health Act become law, including 70% of Catholics.  Let’s make sure Governor Cuomo hears from us loud and clear: ask him today to lead the charge to pass the Reproductive Health Act this session.  And let’s show the nation, in the midst of this terrible national diatribe against women’s health, that everyone can count on New York to lead the way to equality and access.

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