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March 9, 2012

On Rush Limbaugh’s misogyny: “Real men care about women & their reproductive health.”

Thank you Mother Jones for reminding us that, at heart (vulva?), all women are sluts.

One woman’s story: “My abortion was the best decision of my life.”

TX is one of the states taking away women’s health care, but Governor Perry must learn: Don’t mess with Texas women!  That includes the fearless Stephanie March, whose great-grandmother founded one of the health centers that is now part of Planned Parenthood.  (And who you may know from Law & Order SVU.)  I love this supporter’s sign:

Texas PP Supporter

In more news from TX, a GOP aide decided to leave her job because of the party’s increasingly anti-woman stance.  

A clear-eyed, funny look at Romney’s Women Problem.

Ever wonder why women give birth lying on their back? (Well, not always.)  This Women’s History Month, Feminists for Choice’s Maria gives us a concise history of obstetrics.

Colorlines provides an explanation of why voter id laws are so bad.

Helping kids learn healthy sexuality (even if you didn’t).

The Democratic women of the U.S. Senate tell Speaker Boehner to back off.  (Now if only the headlines stopped using terms like “twist the knife” or – in the National Journal – “the ladies.”)

Last but definitely not least, did you see Cecile Richards on The Daily Show?  Watch both parts – the one that aired and the one that didn’t – here.

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