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What We’ve Been Reading & Watching

February 24, 2012

At a town hall meeting this week, Congresswoman Nan Hayworth used the “ham sandwich defense”.  As Jodi Jacobson points out in this great piece about Bishop Lori’s use of the analogy, it underscores “just how shallow legally, philosophically and practically is the “religious freedom” argument against access to contraception. It revealed just how desperate male patriarchal religious bodies and their political surrogates are to curtail the ability of women to make decisions about their bodies and their lives.”  The shoe fits here too.

Talk about male patriarchal bodies: I’m fascinated by the fight in Virginia against an ultrasound bill, and the governor’s backtracking on the issue.  We agree with Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro: “These institutions do not trust women.”

Which leads me to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on Morning Joe.  Imagine if Congress was 51% women!  Clearly women don’t always agree (See above re Congresswoman Hayworth) – but I think the whole world could change. 

Finally, did you see these incredible statements by people in the public eye this week?  From offensive remarks about aspirin to lies about how contraception works, don’t miss what government officials and candidates for office are saying about women’s health.   After you watch all five, cast your vote for the most offensive one.

What have you read or watched this week that really made your blood boil?  Or even better – do you have a clip of a champion for women’s health?  Share it with us!

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