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January 23, 2012

Victory!  The Obama Administration announced today that they will require virtually all health care plans to cover birth control  Don’t miss NPR’s coverage of the decision, and make sure to sign our thank you note to President Obama.

Yesterday marked the 39th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Huffington Post has a great look at how 2011 might have been Roe’s worst year yet.

Ever wonder what Planned Parenthood is all about?  This says it all: “Planned Parenthood is not about judging women — their decisions or their faith — but caring for them.”

More women in elected offices is a nonpartisan movement.

Also this week: we found out that unsafe abortions are on the rise around the world.  Related: check out the Center for Reproductive Right’s newly updated, interactive world map of abortion laws.

A study by the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and the Reproductive Health Technologies Project finds that an overwhelming number of Latino voters oppose government intrusion in personal healthcare decisions.

The Washington Post takes an interesting look at Mitt Romney’s rise and fall as a Moderate Republican.

New York’s Senate Democrats submitted a resolution to make January 22-28, “Reproductive Health and Justice Week”.  Leave it up to the Senate Republicans to shoot it down.  All hopes not lost though, here’s hoping the Assembly can make it happen.

Not surprisingly a new study from The Center for Women and Work at Rutgers finds that, “paid leave is good for working families, businesses and our economy.” The National Partnership for Women and Families has the run down.

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