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Call the White House to Protect Birth Control… and what we’ve been reading

December 9, 2011

Just in case you didn’t hear, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius denied a science-based recommendation to make emergency contraception easier to buy.

Politico gets into the connections between the Plan B decision and the upcoming decision on birth control refusal. 

Now, go call our White House connection line to let the President know how disappointed you are with the Plan B decision AND that you want him to hold firm to protect access to birth control: 202-559-1164.  Already called?   Good.  Call again. 

Oh, you’ve called twice already?  Ok.  Then give the President more reasons to support access to birth control, emergency or otherwise!

“Is abortion a public health issue or a political one?”  I’m betting visitors to crisis pregnancy centers would not want to know that the staff at the CPC considers their job to be political in nature.

It’s December, so let’s get started with the year-end summaries.  First up, Salon takes a look at Who’s Winning the Abortion War?

Republicans Racialize Abortion Debate – what else can I say?

Finally, perhaps the truth behind the Siri “glitch” is more about anti-choice groups’ manipulation of online listings – not to mention an overall lack of knowledge about abortion, period.

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