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December 2, 2011

Siri’s inability to direct women to birth control and health centers may be a programming glitch, but it epitomizes the struggle modern day women continue to face in accessing health care. PPFA president Cecile Richards has a great piece up on the HuffPost and of course a shout out to the Abortioneers for breaking the story.  

NPR’s Morning Addition takes an interesting look that the current fight on birth control coverage in their story, “Catholic Groups Fight Contraceptive Rule, But Many Already Offer Coverage” – And the fights not over. There’s still plenty of time let the White House know where you stand so: sign our letter, call or better yet help us give the White House 10,000 reasons why birth control without co-pay is the only way.

On Monday, Congressman Barney Frank announced he won’t seek reelection.  It’s sad news for Massachusetts to lose him as a fierce advocate and dedicated public servant.

Great headline from The Slate, “Researchers Find that Abstinence-Only Sex Education Does Not, In Fact, Promote Abstinence

Yesterday, we commemorated the 30th annual World AIDS Day with lots of events out in our community.  We should take time everyday to acknowledge how important HIV prevention & treatment programs are for women and young people all over the world. And a moment of TV History  from the Golden Girls:

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