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What We’ve Been Reading and Watching

November 18, 2011

Thank you, Eve Ensler.  Lisa, Trista, and I are also SO OVER rape culture.  It’s got to stop.

In case my previous post didn’t convince, read this comprehensive explanation of why birth control without copays is important for women, families – and President Obama’s re-election campaign.  Then, email the White House.  Text-to-call the White House by texting BCREFUSAL to 69866.  Or just call them directly at 202-456-1111.  We have to keep up the pressure all weekend long. 

Cecile Richards explains that when it comes to birth control, we’re really talking about The Other 99%.

Also, Jezebel covers a new report that birth control is for more than just preventing pregnancy.  (Though that’s reason enough to make it free!)

Speaking of keeping women healthy, here’s a great fact sheet Raising Women’s Voices put together on just why Medicaid is so important for women’s health.  Did you know it pays for more than one-third of all births in the U.S.?  (Sorry, sometime I can’t resist getting a little policy-wonk-y.)

Wow, the Bishops have indeed been busy lately – they want to expand post-abortion counseling efforts.  I recommend you call Exhale instead, if you’ve had an abortion and need to talk to someone – and here’s a great video to explain what you can expect when you call!

What to Expect When You Call Exhale from Exhale on Vimeo.

Also, it’s not just Catholic women who don’t feel a need to consult their bishops when making personal decisions about their bodies – in an unscientific study, Mormon women say they can make their own decisions, too.

Finally, great New York Times Magazine piece on how to teach good sex (ed).

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