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What We’ve Been Reading and Watching

November 4, 2011

Let’s start off with two important reminders:

  1. 1. Tuesday is Election Day.  No matter where you are: Vote Pro-Choice.  If you live in Mississippi or know people who do, vote NO on initiative 26.
  2. 2. Tomorrow starts Daylight Savings time.  Great time for checking the batteries in various alarms around your house …and also, check the expiration date on your condoms and your EC!

Rep. Rosa DeLauro calls out the extreme agenda of the House Republican leadership: playing politics with the People’s Bill.

A subcommittee on health in the House of Representatives held a hearing this week on whether the Affordable Care Act “threatens conscience rights and access to care” – by making birth control coverage an essential service.  Check out Jon O’Brien’s testimony – video or text – from the point of view of pro-choice Catholics.  

How a conservative woman in Denver came to realize the importance of Planned Parenthood.  And on a related note, I must add: no one should ever feel ashamed about needing emergency contraception.  Every form of contraception has a failure rate, and keeping a pack of EC on hand just in case of emergency is just good planning.

Why you shouldn’t buy Johnson & Johnson baby products in the U.S.  (Yes, this is related to reproductive health.)  Take action beyond a boycott of products and write to the company.

Last week Trista posted USA Today’s article about how feminism is dead, and Jos Truitt’s response.  Thankfully, even USA Today published a few good responses!

Do I really need to cover Herman Cain’s remarks?  Here’s a great, nonpartisan rundown of how he got everything wrong on Planned Parenthood and abortion.

We can’t ignore what’s happening in MississippiThe nation is watching how one conservative state deals with a personhood initiative.  Also check out: A national leader of the personhood movement admits it will ban some forms of birth control, Why Personhood Rather than Pregnancy Prevention?, and Two No’s Make a Right (I ❤ Loretta Ross – this is a line from her post, rather than the title, but I love it).

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