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What We’ve Been Reading and Watching

August 12, 2011

Oh there is so much to share this week – please take some time to peruse, enjoy, and/or feel outraged – and please let loose in the comments!

Even birth control pills are celebrating the news of no co-pays – Bollywood style.

Go NYC! Mayor Bloomberg’s strong support leads to a new mandatory sex ed policy – get this, NYC students will get two whole semesters of comprehensive sexuality education in an effort to combat high rates of STI infection among young Black and Latino men.  If that ain’t a victory for the movement in combating health disparities, I don’t know what is.

“Why should our smart phones be sexier than sex?” Fascinating read on the need for innovation in contraception and protection from STIs.

Poor people deserve to have fun, too.  Or, how the anti-choice fringe imposes their prejudices on the world.

Women in Barbacoas, Columbia go Lysistrata: no more sex – and no more procreation – until they get a much-needed, safe road.

She might be my new favorite blogger – “Commercialized Bananas, Freaking Fruit Chews, and Sex Tips at the Checkout.”  

Bargain Basement Birth Control – if you’re still looking for coverage of the new birth control without co-pays rule, this is an excellent summation of just why it’s so good for women and the country.

On Mitt Romney, illegal abortion, and family history.

News flash to Michele Bachmann: Slavery was NOT awesome.  

Wow, I’m totally supporting Fox News personality Megyn Kelly on this one (family leave policy).

We’ve been remiss in not talking about Raquel Nelson’s case here.  If you haven’t heard, a mother was criminally prosecuted because her son was the victim of a drunk hit-and-run – because she crossed the street with him, so it must be her fault.  Colorlines has great coverage and commentary here.

Hope for a feminist future.

More hope – and beautifully articulated details about the deep connections between feminism, the environment, and population.

What really happened in Germantown, MD is that reproductive justice activists showed our strength.

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