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What We’ve Been Reading & Watching

August 5, 2011

Good news: Judge recognizes that the Affordable Care Act does not, in fact, fund abortion. (Good news in terms of recognizing the truth of the matter – don’t mistake this to mean we’re glad it doesn’t fund abortion care!)

More good news: a groundbreaking policy approach to combating unintended teen pregnancy by combating teen dating violence.

Bad news: Abstinence-only education is still alive and widespread throughout the U.S. 

But we also have the incomparable Jocelyn Elders speaking out on the importance of teaching our children about healthy sexuality – including masturbation and orgasms!

We Stephen Colbert.

On the complex ethics of international adoption, particularly in Haiti post-earthquake, and the role of evangelical, conservative Christian groups – I know I can’t be the only one seeing scary parallels to the quiverfull movement.

News from Germantown, MD, and the Summer of Celebration of Choice:

Talking to rally participants, on both sides

Respect for women?


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