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What We’ve Been Reading

July 29, 2011

First, confused about the debt ceiling? Watch this.

Now, on to our usual reproductive justice sampling… Check out what shocking fact helped this blogger understand that the fight for reproductive rights is far from over.

Have some free time next week and want to make a difference for women and doctors?  Travel to Maryland for the Summer of Choice and help provide a peaceful presence of support for Dr. LeRoy Carhart while he’s targeted by Operation Rescue. 

Setting the record straight: My book doesn’t mean what they say it means.

“Being supportive means letting a woman tell her story the way she wants it to be told.” From the pro-voice Natalia Koss-Vellejo.

A Louisville, Kentucky activist’s take on why it’s bad when the bishops practice medicine.

The IOM recommendations in historical context: we’ve long wanted to separate sex from procreation. 

Fantastic article highlighting the work of younger reproductive justice activists.

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