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What We’ve Been Reading

July 8, 2011

See if you’ve got what it takes to be a leader of the pro-voice movement.

Did you check out the blog carnival “My Planned Parenthood” yet?  (My submission is below!)

What she said, and she said… why we do the work we do.

Dang, I have GOT to go watch A League of Their Own again.

Abortion wars: state elections matter, a lot.

Did you hear about the Supreme Court decision about violence video games?  Planned Parenthood’s own Bill Taverner calls them out on their sexist decisions. 

More on the Quiverfull movement, and the scary connections mainstream politicians have to Dominionism, the movement’s belief that religion and politics are one.

Way to go, Connecticut: They now have the first law in the nation requiring paid sick leave, and they’ve joined 14 other states and DC in extending the protection of anti-discrimination laws to people who identify as trans or queer. 

Perhaps with a little education evangelical teens (who have benefited from feminism just like the rest of us) will turn out to be pro-choice activists after all.  (If you have any thoughts on how to reach them, we’re all open!)

Yes, a candidate’s looks matter — regardless of gender.  Get over it.  It’s the candidate’s ideas– not her (or his) sex appeal that really count.

Without doctors, there is no choice. 

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