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What We’ve Been Reading

June 10, 2011

Exactly how hypocritical Mitch Daniels and the Indiana State Legislature really are.

Here’s a disturbing infographic on maternal health in the U.S. (courtesy of Colorlines).

On the controversy over Rihanna’s new video.

Sen. Gillibrand and Rep. Slaughter have introduced a bill to allow women serving in the military to access abortion care overseas, and allow federal funding for abortions in cases of rape and incest.

Happy birthday to your right to use birth control – and while we’re at it, let’s celebrate the woman who won it for us (thanks, Estelle)!

Be forewarned: the racist tactics anti-choicers use are expanding to target the Latina community – and as Miriam at Feministing notes, in the Spanish language version they explicitly say “mother” (madre).

On why the Hyde amendment should be the centerpiece of pro-choice activism. 

One woman’s happy abortion story.

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