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What We’ve Been Reading

April 29, 2011

Maybe we should start saying “pregnant people.”

So far, this is the only piece on the generational divide in the pro-choice movement that actually invites younger people to take the reins.  Kudos to Eleanor Hinton Hoytt, President and CEO of the Black Women’s Health Imperative, for having the courage to truly lead.

Now go read her take on the race, class, and gender-baiting of the anti-choice movement. 

I gotta repeat what Trista said when she sent me this… he wouldn’t like my file cabinet, my office, or even my car for that matter. 

Why the attack on Medicaid is an attack on reproductive health care.

On being pro-choice (and this includes one of my favorite sayings: “Every child a wanted child.”).

I want to take the last paragraph of this post and hand it to the protester who holds an American flag outside one of our centers.

Who knew?  Planned Parenthood neuters men AND contributes to the national debt.  And silly me thought our family planning services saved the nation money

And finally, in honor of GYT month, here’s an excellent analysis of all the many reasons people can feel bad about having a sexually transmitted infection, beyond any physical discomfort they may experience.  If you haven’t gotten tested ever or in a while, or if you’ve never talked with your current partner about STIs, well then, GYT. 

*GYT stands for Get Yourself Talking, Get Yourself Tested.  As in, “OMG! It’s April, gotta GYT!”

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