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What We’ve Been Reading

April 15, 2011

So the government did not shut down this week!  And neither did we, nor will we.  Planned Parenthood has been serving women and men with basic health care and fighting for your reproductive rights for 95 years, and we’ll be around another 95 years, at least. 

President Obama’s response to Speaker Boehner when, in the 11th hour of negotiations, he continued to insist on cutting Planned Parenthood off from all federal funds, was, “Nope. Zero.”  That, my friends, is what a pro-choice President looks like.

Here are some of our favorite stories and videos from the week. 

Planned Parenthood supporter Sandi Fox writes about the impending government shut-down and her trip to D.C. for last week’s rally.

 Watch our fabulous Representative Nita Lowey and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand defending Planned Parenthood on the House and Senate floors.

Why is it that the argument about fungible funding is only pulled out when talking about abortion?

Pap smears at Walgreens?

Behind the abortion war is a battle over contraception.

Lest we forget, abortion continues to be under attack in state legislatures, too.

If you have a must-read story we missed, please share in comments. 

Finally, we must say… thank you, a million times, thank you. 

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