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What We’ve Been Reading

March 4, 2011

Why the Right attacked unions, ACORN, and Planned Parenthood.

Senator Gillibrand stands up for women and families!  Call to thank her – her local numbers are at her website or call her DC office at 202-224-4451.

Why speaking out for family planning is so important.

Trusting Black Women – champion activist Loretta Ross breaks down the issue for you. 

The true agenda exposed: It’s not about life, it’s about controlling women.

And of course, making us available for men, sexually – the economics of “ladies night” broken down for you.

You know those bills that say killing a provider of abortion care is perfectly ok?  Well you can thank Americans United for Life for them. 

I love this campaign – thanks, Feminists for Choice!

Why men and boys should also be vaccinated against HPV: about half of them have it!

Gee, how surprising: giving out a year’s supply of birth control pills at a time makes abortion happen less.

California medical schools take the lead in training doctors to provide abortion care.

Are you as impressed by Rep. Jackie Speiers as we are?  If you want more women like her leading our country, ask one to run.

Oh gee look – a majority of Americans support Planned Parenthood!  Shocking.


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