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January 28, 2011

Ditto. Word. Amen. This editorial says it all.

I’m sure, dear readers that you’re well aware; but if you want to know how abortion bans threaten women’s lives…Read this.

Don’t miss this article from Feministing – Gotta love their satirical take on hard news.

Representative Chris Smith (along with173 co-sponsors) wants to take away health care you mosty likely already have AND redefine rape.  I have to borrow from one of Gina’s blog post last year and ask “WTF New Jersey” where do you find these people?!  

Stories like this one and especially this one, make me wish I still lived in Knoxville so I could do something to help. I mean when you have 33% of 9th graders and 57% of 12th graders reporting that they’ve been sexually active, how can you be against sex education?

New York may be one of the more accepting states when it comes to abortion, but abortion is complex everywhere.

We love this. “The House leadership took control of Congress on a promise to create jobs, but instead, one of their first acts is to take away comprehensive health insurance benefits from millions of women. They’ve introduced an unprecedented anti-choice bill that does not create one job, actually raises taxes, and takes private health insurance coverage away from women. How’s that for a bait and switch?” via Planned Parenthood.

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