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What We’ve Been Reading

December 23, 2010

Lots of links for you this week, despite the holidays.  Enjoy yours!

First, you’ve all heard about the 16 and Loved project, right?  No?  Well go check it out right now!  And please give props to Exhale for their tremendous work.

RH Reality Check’s heroines and heroes of 2010.  If you’ve ever wondered what people are doing in reproductive justice the world over, read this list.

On the death of the dream act, courtesy of Radical Doula.

How to kill a bill that helps millions of women around the world.

One of the biggest lies of the year: Government’s taking over our health care! (Hah!)

President Obama has accomplished 85% of his agenda during his first two years in office.

On how the fed government treats science and scientists.

One cheerleader takes a stand against her rapist; the Supreme Court may review.

New Jersey’s continuing family planning funding saga.  (Update: Planned Parenthood estimates that about 40,000 NJ women will be without access to basic health care, including breast and cervical cancer screenings, and contraception.)

Remember when Lisa wrote about the nun who saved a woman’s life?  Well, the local Catholic bishop is still looking to punish the hospital… And, once the Diocese officially stripped the hospital of its Catholic status, the ACLU followed up on their original complaint to the government about this.  The ACLU wants to ensure that all hospitals – Catholic or not – provide legal health services to save lives.  Nuns support the decision to provide the abortion, too.  And, from the Catholics for Choice President Jon O’Brien, “Ultimately, when a bishop stops pretending to be a doctor, the whole community benefits.”

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