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What We’ve Been Reading

December 17, 2010

Sorry about missing last week’s news digest, people.  Here’s a special two-week edition.  What have you been reading?  What do you think of these newsy posts?  Let us know in comments!

Loretta Ross, founder of SisterSong, on trusting black women to stand strong against anti-choice racism.

Honoring Elizabeth Edwards’ memory by trusting women.

Surprise! Sarah Palin should not be messing with the Kennedys. (Or, a piece on separating religion from politics.)

Interesting piece on a couple who disagrees on abortion.

Sex by surprise” or, supporting consent-based sexual assault laws.

Lawsuits against the health care reform law call judge’s partisanship into question.

Sex Ed in the Age of Snooki?  Hmm…Not quite sure how to respond to this one.

Amplify Your Voice is taking on abstinence only sex ed in their new YouTube series

Looking for a nick new name for you or your partner’s vagina?  Didn’t think so, but this is funny anyway.

Planned Parenthood has a new “Am I Pregnant?” quiz to help you determine whether you need to take a pregnancy test – or, whether there’s still time for some emergency contraception.  Check it out here, along with our quiz about getting tested for STIs, our quiz about determining the best birth control methods, and the locator to find the nearest PP health center to you.

Do you have plans on January 11thCome with us to Albany, and show our elected officials women’s health matters to all New Yorkers. We’ll provide free round-trip bus transportation.

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