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Vote Pro-choice

October 25, 2010

Tomorrow, Election Day 2010 is one week away.  There are many important issues this year – ok, so I say that every year.  Elections are important.  Elections matter.  There are over 200 seats up for grabs in New York alone, and more than 30 governors’ seats nationwide – not to mention control of both houses of Congress.  I am not going to make predictions about who will win or lose.  Rather, I want to focus on the issue I know best: trusting women.

Choice: Which candidates trust women to make their own decisions concerning childbearing?  Visit our Action Fund, the statewide Planned Parenthood Advocates of NY site, or the national Planned Parenthood Action Center if you live in another state. 

It’s really frightening that there are no less than five Republican party candidates for U.S. Senate who believe that abortion should be criminalized, no matter what the circumstances.  I point out that they are all Republican not to vilify Republicans, but because these are major party candidates.  They’re not small-time crazies who manage to get on the ballot because it’s a relatively easy process to get on the ballot (ahem, NYS governor debate).  The Republican candidate for NY Governor, Carl Paladino, is also an “abortion should be criminalized no matter what” proponent.  Know who you’re voting for.  Make sure they represent what you believe.

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  1. Matzpen permalink
    October 25, 2010 9:48 pm

    Real progressive change comes through protests, strikes and movements, Not voting. And especially Not through voting for the pro-corporation, luke-warm Democrats

  2. October 26, 2010 7:24 pm

    Matzpen – I know the system is broken, but I just can’t agree that opting out of it entirely (by not voting) will help fix anything. Especially if there is a candidate that you think does represent your beliefs.

    On the issue of choice, at least, we need more legislators who believe that family planning needs more funding, that the government does not have any right to be in our bedrooms or our doctors’ offices, and who understand that abortion is a common medical procedure – not something to be vilified. The only way we get them is by voting for them.

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