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October 15, 2010

We’re proud to be part of a new, nationwide campaign to make contraceptives free under health care reform.  When women spend almost 30 years trying NOT to be pregnant, shouldn’t birth control be classified as preventative care – and be free?  Imagine NOT having to pay anywhere from $10-$50 every month just to make sure you don’t become pregnant…  Now go sign our petition!

Need more info before you sign?  Check out the stories from NPR and Time magazine.

A new study on Americans’ sex habits dispels several myths, from Baby Boomers in need of sex ed to most people wanting variety.

Have I mentioned yet that I’m a huge, I mean HUGE, fan of Ani DiFranco?  Here’s Ani on how feminism will save the world.

Have you heard about Krystal Ball running for Congress in Virginia?  She’s standing up to the sexist double standard that men who have sex lives are studs (so vote for them) and women who have sex lives are whores (so don’t vote for them.)

In New York election news, here’s a great column from WashPo on “Crazy Carl” Paladino (as the Daily News refers to him).

One person’s path to becoming a provider of abortion care.

And here’s another doctor’s story.

Jodi Jacobson provides a wonderfully cogent argument connecting sexuality, sexism, and job discrimination in the case of Rep. John Boehner’s new rules for (male) Republican legislators interacting with (female) lobbyists.

Stop Spewman.  (Today’s funny brought to you by Health Care for America Now.)  On the serious side, here’s more info on why we need health care reform.

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