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What We’ve Been Reading

October 1, 2010

Sadly, our Action Breakfast was canceled at the last minute this morning due to weather.  We’re going to try to reschedule and will post the details here when we can.  In the meantime, here’s your regularly scheduled list of what we’ve been reading.  Share your favorite articles and blogs this week in comments! 

Are you heading to DC for the big One Nation rally tomorrow?  Here’s more on what the rally is all about.  You can also find a list of local solidarity events at the One Nation website.  

The GOP is for big government, it just has to be inside our uteri.

No, really, the conservatives aren’t just against abortion.  They’re against sexual pleasure in all forms, and believe God is against it too. 

Here in NY, women stand beside their men – rather than governOh wait, maybe we can change that.

There’s been an interesting series over at Feministing about, what else, generations of feminism.  This time, the editors at Feministing put together a savvy respond to Susan Faludi’s Harper’s piece decrying the downfall of true feminism (blahdy blahdy blah – also, a warning, the full piece is only available to paid subscribers).  So, please check out pieces by Courtney Martin, Miriam Perez, Samhita Mukhopadhyay, and Jennifer Baumgarder.  If nothing else, read the way Samhita ends her piece, and remember it the next time someone writing about the feminist movement talks about a mother-daughter divide:

Part of me feels like this generational conflict is a perpetuation of internalized sexism and how mother’s and daughter’s treat each other within the context of patriarchy. The competitive spirit, the anger at younger women being too sexual, the jealousy of us being the new voices and not knowing what to do with that power and older and younger women harboring feelings of being overlooked. These to me are obvious side effects to patriarchy.

Feministing’s Vanessa also covered the recent rash of teen suicides after anti-LGBTQ bullying.  Here’s HRC’s call to action.  The other important action you can take is to speak out against anyone who uses gay as a slur, or any form of LGBTQ-based bullying – even friends and family, and that’s always the hard part.  

Finally, save the date and plan to join us on Monday, October 11, 7-9pm, for Words of Choice.  RSVP here today.

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