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What We’ve Been Reading

September 17, 2010

OK, OK…We know! We haven’t done much blogging lately, but we promise we’ll be back at it next week. Until then…

Another reason for great sex ed: “learning about the need for a condom in high school might just determine whether you recognize its value when you’re a senior citizen.”

 Apparently two-thirds of American teens did have formal educational programs that included information on contraception from 2006-2008.  That’s higher than I would have guessed. 

 The Abortion Gang blog has two amazing pieces this week: “Pro-Choice and Proud: A Love Letter to the Pro-Choice Community” and “Why Welfare is a Feminist Issue and a Reproductive Health Issue”.

 A British organization doing fabulous pro-choice work: busting myths young people have about abortion.  Example?  No, abortions at 18 weeks or later are not common.

 Ladies and gentlemen, meet the fabulous Shelby Knox.  (I hope most of you already know her!)

 Live in NY?  Learn more about the really scary Carl Paladino, and why you should not vote for him for Governor in November.  And then read don’t miss the Choice community’s response.

I really love Rachel Maddow. She’s one of the few reporters I would trust to discuss the newly minted Republican anti-choice candidates who want to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

I totally agree! The Tea Party should become its own party… and then I hope it implodes.

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