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What We’ve Been Reading

September 10, 2010

Everyone should love their latex, because we really couldn’t agree more with the following quote:  “Good sex is safer sex. And with the right condom, safer sex is good sex, too.”

In other contraceptive news, a recent study done by Oregon State University found that contraceptives work better if both partners agree on usage. It doesn’t surprise me, and frankly it  reinforces my beliefs on why communication between partners is so important.

A federal judge in California ruled that, “don’t ask, don’t tell” is unconstitutional. This is a huge step towards social justice for everyone.

Feminisiting has a great piece featuring 5 things every feminist should know about the recent censoring of the Craigslists Adult Services section.

Want to know what moves you can use at the club this weekend that are most likely to turn a lady on? CBS has all the answers apparently. You’re in for a good laugh.

This New York Magazine piece seriously filled my misogyny quota for the month. Have you ever seen a movie where the female character loses her virginity and it isn’t followed by disaster? If you have I’m begging to you to tell me in the comments section.

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