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What We’ve Been Reading

August 6, 2010

Prop 8 is unconstitutional! Marriage equality FTW!

Congratulations Justice Elena Kagan!  Trista says women have now reached critical mass; I’m just glad that we’ve finally reached one-third of any of the branches of government!

In Britain, a new study shows more 11 and 12 year old girls are on birth control. 

And a related story from Britain makes me ponder how different the article would be in the U.S.

Caring for children and parents is not valued in our labor force (duh).   

New York State has a budget.

New Jersey’s pro-family planning (read: mainstream) legislators are losing their allies, to the detriment of low-income women seeking to avoid a pregnancy.

A new(ish) form of birth control is in testing phases – a low-dose form of the patch

Maybe you’ve been following the different opinions on whether birth control should go over-the-counter.  Here’s another pro-OTC perspective.

One woman’s tragic story of obstacles to abortion care when a wanted pregnancy became a nightmare.

Time magazine does a piece on crisis pregnancy centers

The fabulous Planned Parenthood activist Missy Bird.

More research indicating that the best sex ed is provided to children early, and is inclusive of all sexualities.

Did you watch the video explaining the story of cosmetics?  Here, the makers of the video respond to some of the criticism and questions the video has raised. 

Please leave your favorite stories from this week in comments!

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