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I am a Pro-Choice Voter

August 6, 2010

When my friends call me  policy wonk or political junkie, I embrace the label.  The other label I embrace: pro-choice voter.  I registered to vote when I was 18 and I can’t think of an election that I didn’t vote in.  

And, I can’t think of an election where a candidate’s position on choice did not matter to me.

In the 20-plus years since I first registered to vote, I’ve lived in Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, California, and Connecticut (again).  I’ve cast pro-choice ballots in every election, in every state where I have lived.

I vote pro-choice because I believe that the right to control my reproductive destiny is essential to my ability to take my place at life’s table.  My freedom to determine when, whether, and how many children I have has allowed me to go to college, graduate law school, practice law, to be home with my son when he was an infant and toddler, even to run for office locally.  So when people ask me why I only vote for people who are pro-choice, the answer is simple:  I believe that our elected officials must support public polices that ensure that everyone can make her own private, personal reproductive decisions.

Not only do I vote pro-choice, I volunteer pro-choice.  From Mondale (yes, that would be Walter Mondale in 1984) straight on through to Clinton, Kerry, and Obama, I have volunteered for pro-choice candidates for President, as well as many candidates for congress, state representative, state senate, and governor.

It’s election season.  Personally, and professionally, this is my favorite time of year.  I live in one state (Connecticut) and work in another (New York).  I’m fortunate that both where I live and where I work there are plenty of pro-choice candidates to support. 

The Connecticut primaries are on Tuesday.  I can’t wait.  I’ll be spending my weekend knocking on doors to help get out the vote for my favorite pro-choice candidate.  Nothing spells “fun” for a political junkie like a canvass.  I love a good canvass in August.

Things here in New York (where pro-choice activism is my “day job”) are also heating up  as we head toward the primaries on September 14.  As the Director of Public Policy and Advocacy for the Planned Parenthood Hudson Peconic Action Fund, I am looking forward to helping turn out the pro-choice vote in New York.  If you aren’t familiar with the PPHPAF, go on over to our facebook page and get to know us.  PPHPAF has already endorsed one amazing pro-choice woman for State Senate.   In the weeks leading up to Election Day, the PPHPAF will be posting more information about its endorsements on these sites.

If you are a pro-choice voter, I encourage you to join me and be a pro-choice volunteer too.  You can find out what the Planned Parenthood Action Fund (and your local Planned Parenthood action fund) are doing by visiting the Planned Parenthood Action Center (click on Elections & Politics).

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  1. Mary Ellen Jones permalink
    August 7, 2010 1:47 am

    Go get’em this weekend Lisa!! You’re the perfect example of someone who’s passionate about their beliefs! Rock on sista!

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