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What We’ve Been Reading

July 30, 2010

Cecile Richards’ take on NJ Governor Chris Christie’s veto of family planning funding: this is why elections matter.

A handful of evangelical Christians teach that birth control is immoral

The NY Times continues to report on the promising news on a microbicide gel to prevent HIV/AIDS.

Despite continuing abortion setbacks, health care reform will benefit women.  This is because women are disproportionately hurt by the current health system – from being less likely to have coverage to being less able to pay bills. 

More good news about health care reform: finally, a federal law saying working moms deserve breaks to pump breast milk.  The bad news about this particular provision is that it only applies to hourly employees, not salaried employees.

A look at the state of marriage equality and women’s rights in Latin America.

Ok, the headline cracked me up but it’s a serious issue.  We need more condoms.  13 billion more. 

The Hyde amendment isn’t bad enough, now the antis want to make the ban on federal Medicaid dollars for abortion permanent

A new reason to love the Girl Scouts.

More on harmful beauty products, and the great new video The Story of Cosmetics.

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