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July 23, 2010

Several new guidelines out from the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology this week: to reduce repeat cesareans, to limit Pap tests to over-21s, and to have a first visit as a teen for educational purposes, with no invasive exam. 

African Studies Give Hope in HIV Fight, about the use of a microbicidal gel.

Written for college girls, a handy guide for any age as to exactly how much worrying is warranted when your period is a bit late.

Nebraska’s Attorney General may not push to keep their new abortion restriction on the books, citing prudent use of resources (in other words, the bill was flawed – duh – and why spend money fighting a losing battle?).

One teen’s perspective on pro-choice organizing after attending a Planned Parenthood national youth summit. 

From the UK: Teachers are too embarrassed to teach sex ed.  (Yes, embarrassed, not morally opposed, as would likely be the headline here in the U.S.)

A personal story and the importance of remembering personal stories in the often-polarizing and polarized abortion policy debates. 

fascinating look at the role religion may play in how young people feel about sex, whether they have it or not. 

And finally, since I can’t make the link to the original post work, here’s a link to the Feministing news digest which includes a video of Jaclyn Friedman’s take on the sexual assault allegations against Al Gore, and why the media should not minimize and ridicule them.

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