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July 16, 2010

Speaker Nancy Pelosi was awarded “Champion of Women’s Health” at last night’s Planned Parenthood fete on Capitol Hill.

Yes! Nebraska judge blocks overly burdensome anti-choice law.  The judge granted a temporary injunction; the same judge could make her ruling permanent after hearing further arguments in the case. 

In Mississippi, Planned Parenthood Federation of America is filing a lawsuit to stop another personhood initiative. 

A new take on why the pro-abstinence stance of the Twilight series is a big part of the culture wars over gender and sexuality, argues blogger Jos Truitt at Feministing.

There’s new data on pay equity

The Department of Health and Human Services released a list of preventative health care services that will be available without a co-pay under the rules of health care reform.  The good news is things like prenatal care, well-care visits for infants and children, and cancer screenings will be free; birth control did not make the list but there is still hope

Amie Newman at RH Reality Check has a round-up of advocacy groups’ response to the ban on abortion in high-risk pools. 

Whatever happened to that horrendous “conscience clause” from the Bush administration?  Oh, right – it’s still on the books.

Did you hear about the Cornell University doctor who cut baby girls’ clitorises in the name of science?  Bianca I. Laureano is writing an excellent three-piece series about intersexuality, partially in response to this outrageous news story.  Here’s her part one

The latest in the saga for New Jersey family planning funding.  I somehow doubt Governor Christie’s sincerity in insisting that the cut of all family planning funds was purely a financial decision and had nothing to do with the fact that he is virulently anti-choice and anti-contraception.

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